Dementia Prevention Day Care

Specially Designed Day Care Programme

Dementia day care programme is a fun filled day activity programme specially designed to aid in the prevention of dementia and to decrease the progression of the alignment.

What is Dementia?

Dementia is a neurodegenerative progressive disease that causes irriversable damage to the cognitive functioning of the brain affecting memory, learning, orientation, language, comprehension and judgement of an individual.

If you or your loved one is dealing with a dementia diagnosis, you’re far from alone.

With so many people affected and a fast aging population, Dementia/Alzheimer’s prevention has become a national priority. It’s widely acknowledged that early diagnosis and proper care can greatly affect the general health and happiness of those who already have the alignment.

Prevention is the best cure!

Whether you have been newly diagnosed or having a loved one within the 7 stages of dementia, we at Dwitiya Life Care with our team of doctors, clinical psychologists and support staff have carefully designed a fun filled brain stimulation and exercise programme to keep the mind and the soul active which helps prevent progression of the alignment let alone its occurrence, helping you and your family in the best possible way to enjoy life to its fullest.

Our day care programme includes:

Brain stimulating activity

Fine motor training activity

Group activity

Outdoor activity

And More...

You are not alone

Survey Report

Dementia India report 2010 has estimated that around 3.7 million people residing in India are affected by dementia, prevalence being higher in above 60 years and women. These numbers are expected to double by 2030.


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Identifying Dementia Warning Signs

Short term memory loss
Difficulty performing familiar tasks
Problems with writing and speaking
Confusion with time place and person
Misplacing things and losing ability to retrace steps
Problems with abstract thinking
Poor or decreased judgement
Changes in mood and behaviour
Withdrawing from social activities
Trouble understanding visual images and spatial relationships

Despite of these warning signs, its important to meet a doctor if a person’s level of function seems to be changing rapidly. The earlier the alignment is recognised, the sooner we can migrate its effects.

“Though those with Alzhemier’s might forget us, we as a society must remember them”
- Scott krikschenbaum, Film maker
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