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Who We Are

Dwitiya Life Care is established by a group of Doctors, Engineers & Chartered Accountants to provide Comprehensive, Cohesive & Compassionate care to the dependant segment of the society.

What We Do

Dwitiya Life Care is carefully designed to cater to the needy dependent population - helping them to rejuvenate, recover and relive their lives to the fullest!

Geriatric Day Care

We have carefully designed a fun-filled active-aging and wellness enrichment programme to enable the elderly to take an active part in society and enjoy an indepedent and good quality of life.

Post Hospitalization In-Patient Rehabilitation

At Dwitiya Life Care we are equipped with 24x7 nursing care, physiotherapy, post-operative care and more - for bed-ridden patients.

Dementia Prevention Day Care

This is fun filled day activity programme specially designed to aid the prevention of dementia and to decrease the progression of the ailment. Like the saying goes, "Prevention is the best cure!".

Respite Care

Respite care is a planned or emergency temporary care provided to a sick or dependant person for a short period of few days to few weeks - providing a much needed break to the caregivers, usually a family member.

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Facilities We Provide

Keeping in mind, the needs of an individual, we have put together a number of facilities which would make your stay with us enjoyable, satisfactory and most of all healthy.

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Therapeutic Garden
  • Music Therapy
  • Exercise
  • Medical Awareness Programme
  • Brain Stimulation Activities
  • 24x7 Nursing Care
  • Pharmacy
  • Lab
  • Doctor Consultation
  • Physiotherapy
  • WiFi
  • TV Screening
  • Laundry
  • Home Food


  • The services available at Dwitiya Life Care made my mother's post surgical recovery after having joint replacement surgery so much smoother than it would have been if she had been recovering at home. It's a great place for post surgical care for those who do not have people at home to take care and the staff are all kind and patient. My mother's stay was very comfortable. By the time she left Dwitiya she was able to walk and climb steps and able to do basic tasks independently by the time she came home. I would highly recommend Dwitiya Life Care for those who need additional support in taking care of their family members post surgery

    Veda Dandamudi

  • Very good and hygienic place. Good hospitality. Doctors are really helpful. The caretakers take very good care of the patients. The ambience is like a house. There is wifi facilitiy also. Overall, a very good and trustful place for the people in need.

    Adhithya Mahesh

  • My mother 84 years old was in Dwitiya post surgery. The facility is in good location and has nice amenities. The staff and Doctors are very caring and provide personalised service. Would surely recommend for people in need.

    Balaji I

  • This was the kind of service we were looking for my mother's post operative care. Though my mom felt home sick, she was filled with lots of hope by the doctors and this slowly built her confidence, now my mother says she comes back home only after she is 100% back to her original self. That is the level of her confidence in Dwitiya's service.

    Chakravarthi Rajan Kala

  • Excellent team of doctors and support staff. Passionate, always available and ready to care round the clock. This is the perfect place for recovery and rehabilitation!

    Tejoo Iyer

  • I was having a nagging pain in my legs for 2 years, after consulting multiple doctors in India and abroad, I luckily visited Dwitiya Life Care orthopedic team for consultation. I was rightly diagnosed for the underlying issue and prescribed the correct medication for the same. Right diagnosis is half battle won and I am really happy with Dr. Gautham Kiron who is very knowledgeable and empathetic with the patients.
    Also my mother has been to the clinic for rheumatoid arthritis and has been very happy with the treatment she has got.

    Aman Bhatia

  • Seniors need utmost care especially after hospitalisation like nursing, physiotherapy, diet etc. Here at Dwitiya, I find the doctors and well trained staff are rendering excellent care at moderate rates.

    Mohanram Kharidi

  • Very cordial Doctors and supporting staff. Flexible timings to meet the inmates. Accurate and ready info about inmates recovery. My mother who is one of the inmates wants to recover completely only at Dwitiya before she joins her family again, full credit to Dr.Gautham and Dr.Parineetha for re-kindling the life, courage and smile on my mother's face.

    Mala Srinivas

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