Dwitiya life care

Caring for Senior with Dignity and Compassion

Dwitiya Life Care is established by specialist doctors, providing Comprehensive, Cohesive and Compassionate care to the dependent segment of the Society.

Who We are

Empowering Aging with Compassionate Care

Who We are

Dwitiya Life care located in the heart of south Bangalore is carefully designed to cater to the needy dependent population. Helping them to rejuvenate, recover and relive their lives to the fullest despite the obstacles faced.

Our Mission

Enhancing Lives Through Dedicated Senior Care

To maximally enhance the health and wellness of the community we serve. We are dedicated to providing personalized care solutions tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of each senior we serve. Our highly trained and compassionate team is committed to promoting independence, maintaining optimal health, and nurturing social connections.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Redefining Aging with a Bright and Fulfilling Future

Our Vision

Our vision at Dwitiya Life Care is to redefine senior care and create a future where aging is embraced as a vibrant and fulfilling chapter of life. We envision a world where every senior is valued, respected, and empowered to live a life of dignity and purpose.

Our Values

Guiding Principles for Exceptional Senior Care

At Dwitiya Life Care our values form the foundation of everything we do. They guide our actions, decisions, and interactions with our seniors, their families, and our dedicated team members. Our values reflect our commitment to providing exceptional care and creating a nurturing environment where seniors can flourish.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Gautham Kiron T
Medical Director

Dr. Gautham Kiron T is a practicing Orthopedic and Arthroscopic surgeon specialised in sports injury with a keen interest in social service. He is a person full of energy and enthusiasm who aims at perfection in all that he does. It is his dream to care for that segment of the society that laid the foundation stones to his success.

He is a registered member of the Karnataka medical council, Indian and Karnataka Arthroscopic society with keen interest in research. He has 3 international and 3 national publications articles to his name and various oral paper presentations. He also is a trained classical karnatic music singer and a sportsman.

Dr. Parineetha Gautham

Young and eminent doctor who believes in humane and personalized care.

She has a masters degree in Anesthesiology and also trained in providing emergency / ICU care. She is a member of Karnataka medical council, Indian association of anaesthesia.
She is passionate about service to the needy and believes it to be her duty and responsibility. She is deligent and dynamic with good management skills, always ready to work to achieve her goals.

Dr. Puneeth
Physician assistance – DLC
5 years of work experience
Had been a Covid warrior – BBMP, NGO during Covid-19 Breakout.
A duty doctor is a committed and sympathetic healthcare provider who provides a lifeline for individuals who require medical care beyond office hours. The main duty is to guarantee that medical services are available around-the-clock, ensuring that patients receive timely and effective care.
Dr. Shreya Nadig (PT)
Physiotherapist - DLC
Volunteer tutor and team leader for charitable trusts, NGO. Trained women’s health and lactation consultant, Certified for basic care and life support, First-aid. Volunteered for pulse polio immunization, and during COVID-19 breakdown – NGO.
One of the defining qualities of the physiotherapist will be unfailing compassion and empathy. We are aware of the significant effects pain and physical limitations can have on a person’s life. As a result, we try to place a high value on establishing an atmosphere of support and motivation among their patients through open communication and trust-building. In addition to treating injuries, we also prioritize long-term wellness and health.
B. Uma
MSc. Psychology (PHD)
Administrator And Pyschologist- Dlc
25 Years of experience in Guidance counselling
As an Administrator and Clinical psychologist, we don’t just manage paperwork and schedules or treat mental health disorders but also, we are the problem solvers and decision makers, when challenges arise. We step into finding solutions and keep the ship on track. Adaptability and the ability to think on the fly make them invaluable assets to any team and bring comfort to the patients struggling with conditions such as depression, anxiety, or stress.
Dr. Praveenkumar S Jummanvar
Physician assistance – DLC
Starting the shift with a sense of anticipation, never knowing what difficulties the night may present. Might be running for an Emergency Case in a matter of seconds, prepared to evaluate a critically ill patient. Move swiftly and carefully to settle the situation, and the urgency in the air is palpable.
Dr. Deeksha
Volunteered for COVID-19, Pulse polio survey.
The recovery of physical health and mobility is greatly aided by physiotherapists, we specialists treat a variety of illnesses by combining their knowledge, talents, and empathy. We will examine the credentials, expertise, and are committed to enhancing the quality of life for the patients.

Features we provide makes choose us


24/7 Medical Assistance

Our trained medical staff is available round-the-clock to provide personal care and attention,

comfortable accomodation

Comfortable Accommodations

Spacious, well-lit rooms with all necessary amenities for a delight and comfortable stay.

Recreational Activities

We offer a wide range of engaging and fun activities, from arts and crafts to games and social events..

Nutritious Meals

Prepared with the utmost care, keeping dietary restrictions, to provide a balanced diet that promotes health and well-being.

The hands that serve are Holier than the lips that pray

Caring for the elderly is not just a duty, it's a way to honour their wisdom and contributions to society.