Dwitiya life care

Long term care

Dwitiya life care. Provides a home away from home, where our members enjoy independence, the company of others, and a wide range of social, educational, and physical activities that nurture the body and mind. Your health is our priority In our offices, we have established enhanced security measures in order to make everyone feel safe.

Best and Professional Medical And Surgical Rehabilitation Services

Among the many capabilities that rehabilitation can provide are improvements in bowel and bladder functions, chewing and swallowing, thinking or reasoning, movement or mobility, speech, and language. Your health is the most important thing you can do for yourself and your family right now.

Dementia Prevention Day Care

This is fun filled day activity programmed specially designed to aid the prevention of dementia and to decrease the progression of the ailment. Like the saying goes, “Prevention is the best cure!”.

Respite Care

The purpose of respite care is to provide temporary care to an ill or dependent person for a limited period of time, often a few days to a few weeks – providing a much needed break to the caregivers.
Exercise, Medical Awareness Programme, Brain Stimulation Activities, 24×7 Nursing Care, Pharmacy, Lab, Doctor Consultation, Physiotherapy, WIFI, TV Screening, Laundry, Home Food, Yoga, Meditation, Therapeutic Garden, Music Therapy

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